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Adam Brand—

Adam Brand
Artist: Adam Brand
Track: I’m Coming Home
Single: I’m Coming Home

I’m Coming Home, Adam Brand’s latest single, is a soaring, heartfelt song of devotion for everyone who has ever felt the sting of separation from a loved one, and tasted the incomparable joy of reunion. Adam gives a sensitive and passionate vocal performance.

For more than 20 years, homegrown country trailblazer Adam has thrilled listeners from all walks of life with soulful songs of life’s most universal experiences, from love to loss and everything in between.

I’m Coming Home cuts straight to the heart of what people all over the world are feeling,” says Adam. “There are families separated by borders, stuck in countries that are not their home, some merely in the neighbouring state but unable to return to loved ones because of this new and strange world that has been forced on us all. These words haven’t just been sung, they have been lived.”

“Right now, we all just want to be home. That’s the tug on our hearts at the moment. It’s not about the disconnection—it’s about the re-connection.”

Recently returned to the stage after a 16-month hiatus while he recovered from vocal cord surgery, Adam is ready to bring I’m Coming Home and a whole slew of captivating new songs to listeners and audiences across the country.

Website: Adam Brand

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