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Abby Christo—

Abby Christo
Artist: Abby Christo
Track: Body Language
Single: Body Language

Following the success of her debut single, Kiss Me into Monday, Abby Christo returns with another pop-country single, Body Language.

Body Language is about reflecting on a previous relationship and wishing you’d seen the signs of it failing, before it gets to the brutal breakup. I’m a very open book and this shows in my songwriting. I usually struggle to get into my creative headspace so soon, but it all felt so real, so this was almost my way of dealing with everything,” says Jodi. “It wasn’t a bitter breakup, but I’d best describe Body Language as sweet but frustrating. It sums up the relationship.”

This is the first official taste of what will shape her debut album and it promises to feature many country-pop jams. With a tour in the works for early 2020 and Abby working with a whole host of writers and producers, this is just the start of a prolific and prosperous release cycle. Formerly of NZ country-pop duo Mae Valley, Abby has stepped into the limelight and is ready to take centre stage!

Website: Abby Christo

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