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Abbie Ferris—

Abbie Ferris
Artist: Abbie Ferris
Track: Beat You at Your Own Game
Single: Beat You at Your Own Game

Beat You at Your Own Game, co-written by Abbie Ferris with producer, Michael Carpenter, is the second single from the exciting young singer–songwriter, distributed through Social Family Records.

The lyrics depict a very personal experience, where Abbie, as an impressionable teen, was conditioned to believe she should settle for less than her true value. Beat You at Your Own Game is the ultimate reply to being told you will never achieve your potential. It shows a strength of attitude within a young woman as she takes up the life-long challenge to prove her doubters wrong.

Abbie is a small-town artist chasing big time dreams. The 19-year-old is the definition of a true-blue country girl, growing up on a 90-acre property in the tiny South Australian town of Mallala. From an early age, music and the farm were mainstays in Abbie’s world. Her father worked the sale yards as a stockman and Abbie was on horseback by the time she could walk. Soon after, she fell in love with music and started working on her craft as a singer–songwriter. Her family have fond memories of a four-year-old singing Kasey Chambers’ songs, using the kitchen table as her stage.

Fast forward 15 years and that little girl has well and truly arrived. Abbie was awarded the Market the Music Emerging Artist Scholarship in early 2017, receiving a year of industry mentoring. She made her festival debut at Country Music Cocktails at the Groundwater Country Music Festival. This festival debut lead to performances at Country at the Camp and Australian Music Week.

Abbie recorded her debut single entitled For a Moment also with producer Michael Carpenter last year.

Website: Abbie Ferris

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